Private Stash: Batik Wall Hanging

Mid-Century Batik

Awhile back I went to an architect’s estate sale. He and his wife, who was an artist, designed and built their beautiful mid-century modernist home and packed it to the rafters with amazing custom furniture, art, pottery and textiles. Arriving an hour late, I was amazed to find anything left. I had previously decided not to go because I was helping with my parents’ garage sale, but “what if…” got the better of me and I stole their truck and drove 100 miles to get to the sale. OH, was I glad I did. Every surface dripping with artsy 1960’s goodness. Rushing through the mob of sale-goers, struggling to hold onto all the pottery and paintings I had snatched up, I found myself wedged against this batik in a corner of the staircase. I couldn’t believe everyone had passed it by! Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but I love the colors and shapes and, unlike the majority of vintage textiles I find, this one was ready to hang on the wall. I considered using my teeth to pry it off the wall before anyone else saw it, but I did manage to stay civil and shift my load to one arm so I could retrieve it. I used longer nails to hang it on my wall—just to mess with anyone who tries to snag it at my estate sale.

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  1. Ron
    Posted September 5, 2012 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    You are a true junker !

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