Private Stash: Antique Lotto Game

This past weekend Angela, Austin and I were unable to go treasure hunting on Saturday morning. That rarely happens. However, later that morning I did call Austin while at Salvation Army to come see a couch I had found. When I asked him where he was he replied, “On my way to Salvation Army.” Perfect! Here is the $20 couch we loaded into my van. It’s going to be a fun project. The framing of the couch is in great shape, but it will need to be reupholstered and maybe new foam.


This picture was taken at the thrift store.

Now for my private stash. It is from an amazingly fun sale we hit just over a week ago. We all walked out with our arms full of snags. Austin shared his in his Weekend Finds post last week. I walked out with a matching set of orange chairs. At $10.00 each they were a great buy. I’ll share pictures of those soon enough.

During the sale I found this wonderfully decorated game box, but without a price tag. I nearly put it back down thinking the price would be high, but then I opened it and saw this.

lotto 5

I found the lady in charge of the sale and I was delighted when she told me the price. She was asking a mere $10.00. She told me she hadn’t put a price tag on it because she didn’t want it to harm the box’s paper covering. Thank you! I’m pretty sure someone would have grabbed it up quickly and I would have missed out if it had a price. Actually, I know I would have missed out on it because I found out later that Austin had seen it I before I did and he put it back assuming the price was too high.

This game is marked “McLoughlin Bro’s, N.Y.” From my research I believe this game dates from around 1895. The McLoughlin Bro’s company was better known for publishing children’s books and was in business from 1858 to 1920 when it was sold to Milton Bradley. The box is made to look like a steamer trunk. The lid is attached very well on mine which is a bonus since most of the pictures I have found online have lids no longer attached. The underside of the lid has a paper label with the directions and labels it as “Trunk Lotto No.3.”


I’m guessing I have all of the glass pieces which are called glass markers in the instructions. Just look at all of them!


It is complete with all 24 game cards and they are in wonderful shape.


I was so excited when I discovered that every last one of the wooden numbers pieces were in the bag! We are always losing game pieces in my family. I have told myself that this game will be a shelf decoration only. Can you believe it has been a complete game and in it original box for about one hundred and twenty years? It’s crazy!


I was so careful taking these pictures outside not to scratch the box or lose any of the pieces, so imagine my surprise when my husband handed one of the wood numbers to me when I was back in the house. He had somehow found it in our driveway. I could have cried! I dumped them all back out on the floor and made sure all ninety wooden numbers were still there. Thanks honey!


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