Private Stash: Barton’s Bonbonniere Tin

I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever and we decided to stroll around a local antique mall. Prices there are at high-end retail, so when I spotted this tin I expected it to be a million dollars. Well, not really, more like $10. But I had to check because it was so adorable. $3. Mine.

Bartons Tin

BartonsTin_DetailIt’s a tin from 1959 with such ingredients as sugar, flour, raisins, shortening, eggs—everything pronounceable. When I did a quick search for Bartons Bonbonniere, this tin became even more exciting and I’m surprised I didn’t recognize the store name. It’s from a store that had the most amazing storefront and interior design.

Bartons Bonbonniere’s interior.

Designed by architect Victor Gruen with graphics consultant Alvin Lustig in 1952, this store puts all other candy stores to shame. Who wouldn’t love taking their kids here. I remember when Austin and I first saw this store we talked about finding a way to time-travel back here and wondering why stores can’t be this beautiful today.

Can someone find us one of these light fixtures?

Exterior. Love the window graphics.

I’ll have to be on the lookout for more of these fun tins. I’m so surprised the one I found is in such great condition. Now I’ll have to be a little more careful as to what I store in it!

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