Private Stash: Cosco Booster Seat II

While Tammy’s Cosco booster seat was in pristine condition at a garage sale, I picked mine up at a flea market under slightly different circumstances. Yes, that’s bird poo all over it.

Cosco Booster Before

Anyone want to guess my price? DOUBLE what Tammy paid. $2. Still a steal.

But I was not dismayed by the filthy plastic and chrome legs, feces and torn vinyl. It was just so cute sitting in the booth. Once you got past the nastiness.

Cosco Booster Underneath

Luckily, to remove the vinyle seat I only needed to remove a couple of screws that were underneath. My Cosco booster didn’t hint to its use like Tammy’s, so I was happy when she found hers and could provide a little more information.

Then the only thing stopping me from removing the vinyl was a few staples and finding the perfect fabric. I found something that isn’t quite period accurate but it was too fun not to use. Although I love the end result, I’m still thinking about replacing it with vinyl to be closer to the original covering.

Cosco Booster Fabric

Fabric purchased at a flea market for $0.50. A good investment plus I still have some extra.

Once I spent about half an hour on the chair it was completely transformed and ready to be squatted on by my then baby. He still uses it as a stepping stool and a chair for his beloved Froggy, so it will hang around for a little longer.

Cosco Booster After


Cosco Before & After

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