Private Stash: Fauna on a Stick

A couple years ago at what still qualifies as one of the most amazing tag sales I’ve ever attended, I found something a little weird but irresistible.

IMG_4978A fish on a stick. Not the Mrs. Paul’s variety, but an elegantly carved wooden one on a brass rod. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, although I do remember that it wasn’t inexpensive. It didn’t matter, I just found it captivating. There’s something about how modernism, a style often stereotyped as cold and artificial, interprets nature in such a beautiful way. Although I have vintage carved wooden animals all over the house, this was the only one I had ever found on a stick. That is until a trip to Pennsylvania last fall.

IMG_4979There I found this wonderful carved bird at a thrift store for $2.99. There may no form that I love as much as a stylized bird. This guy made my day then and every day I see it. I really wish I knew anything about who made either one. The fish has a handwritten paper label that is now too faded to read and the bird is simply marked with a cursive “R.” But all I really need to know about them is that they’re amazing and I want to find some friends for them.

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