Private Stash: Fortune Telling Cards

Not going to lie, I’m a day behind. I thought I was going to post on Halloween and was thoroughly excited to share my one Halloween-themed snag. Someone mentioned when my son would go trick-or-treating and I swore it was a day later and why would he go the day before? Now you have to read about my Halloween-ish private stash a day late. Trick’s on you!

Tarot Cards Full DeckTo be honest, I have a strange addiction to collecting playing cards even though there are tag sales we go to where the couple had entire boxes of playing cards and I vow to never buy another deck again. That lasts for a few months and then another cute set catches my eye and it’s a full deck and so different from anything I have. At least that’s what I tell myself.

This was one of my first decks purchased and I bought it probably for $0.50 or less. I remember the cute lady who sold it to me. I didn’t think anything of the deck until I went to look it up one day and found a description on eBay which sadly isn’t there any longer. This deck is from the 1800s and has all the cards. The only casualty is the box. Only the front remains.

Fortune Telling CardsThese are fortune telling cards, sometimes known as tarot cards. The illustrations have such emotional expressions. Each year I think of putting these up on eBay before Halloween since the last set sold for $75 or so, but I just can’t bear to part with them. At least not until someone gives me a proper reading.

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