Private Stash: Greeting Card Boxes

It is an unwritten rule of the snag team to open everything that can be opened. Things like suitcases, shoe boxes, jewelry boxes, coffee cans, envelopes and trunks never go unopened if we pass by them. It can be fun to see what others have hidden in them years ago.

For me old greeting card boxes have held such surprises. If you are lucky enough to come across one take the time to peek under the lid to see what treasures might be inside.

I have a small collection of four greeting card boxes. I’m going to share two of these boxes and what I found tucked inside them.

greeting cards

First up is this greeting card box Angela passed over to me at a garage sale a few weeks back. When I opened it I was so excited to find 16 of the original 18 cards still in it! I love finding these boxes even if they are empty so finding one full of the greeting cards is a thrill.

greeting cards box

Such cute cards and I love the colors.


This is by far my favorite.

This is by far my favorite.

xmas cards 6xmas cards 7

xmas cards3

The last box is a holiday greeting card box with Jolly Old Saint Nicholas himself on the top. I was lucky to snag it on the second day of a garage sale.

Christmas Greeting card box

Can you imagine my excitement when I opened it and found these!

xmas box

A nice group of seven Christmas figurines made in Japan with spun heads.

xmas box 4

The snowman is my favorite!

The snowman is my favorite!

So remember to not let anything go unopened, that is unless it is an old refrigerator that has been shut off for years. Sorry about that one Austin! Hehe.

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