Private Stash: John Deere 3020 Tractor

Ok, while I admit this isn’t a Private Stash of mine, it is still pretty cool and I wanted to share. My dad finally found and purchased a John Deere 3020 tractor from 1967.

John Deere 3020 FullMaybe now I know where I got some of my vintage bug from. He was looking for a 4020 model, but heard the carburetors were questionable and wanted a gas tractor. The tractor was found on Craigslist and he’ll use it for chores around the acreage. They own about 75 acres that has been in our family for over 150 years so there’s quite a bit of things this tractor will be useful for.

There are a few issues…

John Deere 3020 SeatThe seat has some problems. The original John Deere yellow vinyl has faded, cracked, and some of the foam has disintegrated. You can buy completely new seats for around $150, but I’m going to give my upholsterer a call and see what he thinks.

John Deere 3020 RadioWhile this transistor radio is probably from around when the tractor was produced, it sadly doesn’t work and is actually a distracting eyesore since it is bright yellow.

John Deere 3020 DashNotice the low work hours on the tachometer. My dad was pumped it hasn’t been worked to death by now.

John Deere 3020 Owners ManualHe even has the original owners manual that’s in pretty decent shape. Interspersed throughout the manual are little illustrations in case the reader gets tired of all the technical jargon.

John Deere 3020 IllustrationAs soon as my dad brought it home he sent me an image of the tractor and invited my son over to give it a test drive. While it is leaking a bit of transmission fluid and oil, I don’t think either of them cared!

John Deere 3020

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