Private Stash: Matchboxes

I was able to grab this vintage set of matchboxes at a crowded tag sale a few weeks back. There are eight boxes each with a different paper label. The graphics are vibrant and sharp. They are all labeled “Safety Match.” Safety matches were first invented in 1855. Each box is made of wood with paper covering and are in pristine shape for their age. They look to date from the 1950s and are still held together by the original cellophane covering.



I would love to open these just to see what color the match heads are. I have seen online matches in these boxes with heads that are orange and light blue. How fun. So for now the color will stay a mystery since they look so cute sitting on my fireplace stacked like they are. My favorites are the “Bulls Eye” and “Aeroplane” Boxes. I suppose this is a start to yet another collection. This Japan paper label is still attached to the outside of the cellophane.


On a lighter note, I did find these for sale on esty and was thinking of buying them for Austin to wear this summer. They might be just the distraction we need to slow the other shoppers down this garage sale season.

Cut off shorts found on Esty.


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