Private Stash: Old Marbles

Well I finally found the old marbles I’ve been looking for. Angela is actually the one that snagged this large Mason jar for me. She found them at a tag sale this past spring while I was in another part of the house searching.

I was going to wait to post about these marbles until I knew some more about them, but this weekend for me was unlike Austin’s. I guess you can’t always find something. I bought nothing on Saturday morning even though I hit many garage sales and two tag sales. So here it goes with my marbles I love but don’t know much about.


The jar is filled to the brim and I was shocked to find a bunch of different types of marbles hidden within.


Over 150 clay marbles!

Over 100 glass and clay white marble and a few black marbles.

Over 100 glass and clay white marble with a few black marbles mixed in.

These molded marbles maybe machine-made? Forty-eight of these.

These molded marbles are maybe machine-made?
Forty-eight of these.

Only 3 of these wooden marbles.

Only 3 wooden marbles.

This is a small sample of my favorites!

This is a small sample of my favorites!

There are old hand-made clay marbles, machine-made marbles, white glass marbles, and wooden marbles in this jar. How exciting!  Marbles are colorful, small and have a wonderful history. They are such an easy thing to collect because of their size. There are over 300 in this jar alone. The trick is finding them at the right price. When I would find them they were usually priced to high for me and Angela would always say, “We will find some.” She sure did.  When Angela handed me the jar at the tag sale I promised her that the next jar of marbles we find is for her! So we are still on the hunt!

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