Private Stash: Old Wooden Club

Which one of these things is not like the other one?

My vintage colored bowling pins were my very first Private Stash post. So I thought it was time to share my other pin. This pin is an early 1900’s Indian or exercise club also called a juggling pin. I found it at a Sunday tag sale. I spied it on the other side of the basement as I was filling a box with blue mason jars for a friend. I stopped with my box half full to cross the dark unfinished basement to grab this old wooden pin. I knew exactly what it was when I saw it and didn’t want anyone to reach it before me. Once I had it, I continued to fill my box with mason jars, not yet knowing the price of my find. I couldn’t pay fast enough when the lady checking me out said a whopping $0.25. I just love it.

Early 1900s Exercise Club

These exercise clubs were made in various sizes and weights. They were swung in different patterns as part of a workout routine. They became very popular in the Victorian era. Could you imagine seeing a group of people swing these? How fun.

Still has its 2lb. marking.

A fun fact is swing Indian clubs became an Olympic sport in 1904 and 1932.

Please check out this video I found on YouTube. It’s is amazing! The video was posted by artofmanliness, which has great information on the history of Indian clubs.



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