Private Stash: Plastic to Tin Frame

Something has gotten in to me. Maybe it’s because I now run while watching Antiques Roadshow and I’m motivated when I get home to spruce up my collections. But this last week has been a picture frame festival. Six up in the bathroom (process coming soon) and a plastic frame that’s been holding a space in our living room has been replaced.

Original Plastic Frame

This plastic frame featuring a Swiss chalet has been hanging in our living room while I tried to find something non-plastic to replace it. If only it wasn’t all plastic I’d be on board.

Tin Frame Original Pictures

These dudes have been haunting my desk ever since I bought this tin frame from a tag sale for $1 to replace the plastic frame. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t know them, their eyes follow me and they’ve been with me for so long and still creep me out. Last weekend I decided to do something about them. Thinking I liked the chalet in the plastic frame, I decided to take one of our pictures my husband and I took when we visited Switzerland almost four years ago. So goodbye to this mother and son combo. But look who was behind them.


Yes. The Blessed Pope John XXIII who ended his papacy in 1963. I love it. But alas he was just a cutout from a magazine so I continued with my plan.


I had my image printed at Walgreens, and I was so disappointed in the final product. It printed way too magenta and black and doesn’t fit in with the vintage look of the frame at all. At this point the plastic Swiss chalet went up and I was angry at spending $4 for such a poor looking final print. But then I remembered an old print that is crazy and colorful just like the flowers in the frame below it.


So cute. This is what will stay unless I find something even better. Like an oil painting of Pope John XXIII.

Tin frame final resting place.Here’s the top of my living room dresser. My only wish is that the print was horizontal. The top left feels a little wimpy. And I wish my badminton rackets were completed and didn’t have a giant needle sticking in it. You can see the teapot Austin gave me for Christmas sitting proudly next to the dish.

What are your thoughts? Should I have kept the Pope? Or the plastic chalet? I still have mixed feelings.

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