Private Stash: Sewing for Your Home by BH&G

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the nursery for our son and future child will look like. It’s so hard for me to be in a 1950s period house and make a room feel both vintage appropriate and modern. I’ve been planning on sewing curtains and cracked open a 1974 copy of Sewing for Your Home by Better Homes and Gardens.

Sewing For Your Home Cover

Let me tell you, there are some “gems” in here. Almost everything is full throttle 1970s, but there are a lot of ideas making a comeback in today’s interior design world. Here are just a few.

Bedroom Headboard

Can you imagine how many yards of green polka-dot fabric they must have ordered to pull off this room? But check out the headboard. Those wicker scroll headboards are being blogged by all the youngin’s these days.

ComforterNot going to lie, I’d probably buy that comforter, my husband would puke, and it would go on the guest bed once in awhile.

Living RoomI didn’t realize these track curtains were popular in the 1970s. They have them at Ikea and were all the rage a few years ago. And I’d definitely purchase those two chairs with the acrylic bases.

KitchenThere’s just so much going on in here that individual elements aren’t standing out. Like that crazy space-age tv that’s probably a Keracolor Sphere TV. And those bar stools are pretty sweet too.

Hairy BathroomAnd just because it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about, you’re welcome for this. A crazy hairy bathroom. I can’t even begin to think what’s going on in that carpet, and I hope it’s not still in that bathroom.

This weekend I’m being overly optimistic that we’ll be planning out our curtain rods and curtains, but it’s safe to say that my inspiration for the nursery curtains did come from this book and I’ll be excited to share once they’re done. What do you all think about these groovy 1970s designs? Can you see anything going in your own homes?

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