Private Stash: The Cribbage Board Collection

Let me start out by saying this: if you haven’t played cribbage before, you should. And if you need a board, I know where to find one. We come from card-playing families and my husband and I used to play every single night. Until I got double-skunked. Those who play know what that means.

A few years ago I wanted to up the ante of our tiny cribbage board and buy a nice one. So I went out to a store and purchased a pretty expensive one and thought it was my forever board.

Cribbage Board OriginalWhat I didn’t realize is after a few years this board would warp and the pegs that were hollow plastic would collapse. I should have known from the “Made in China” that it wouldn’t end well.

Cribbage Board Original Back

See where the two pieces of wood have been spliced together? Yup. A big ol’ warp right down the center. And there’s nothing more annoying than a cribbage board that doesn’t sit level.

So I started to look at flea markets and antique malls for other options. And while there were always one or two in the store, I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay all that much. Then Tammy, Austin and I went to an auction. There were cribbage boards galore. Of course they were auctioned at the very end, but all in all I purchased two lots for about $15 and walked out with about ten cribbage boards. No, I did not get the cribbage board shaped like a toilet seat!

Cribbage Board for Camping

This would be a great option for camping. Store your cards right inside. Not sure what the poker chips are for though…

Cribbage Board Pattern Cribbage Board Inlay Cribbage Board Big D Cribbage Board Snake

In fairness I’ve sold some, given away some, and kept a few that were more interesting. They make great wedding gifts too.

Cribbage Board 29The last one I purchased was found yesterday for a mere $0.99 and is a little kitschy. It’s from the 1970s and in the shape of a 29, the highest number of points you can get in cribbage. There’s the hand conveniently on the board. And if you’re wondering: no I haven’t gotten a 29 hand before, I was one cut shy. You have a 1 in 216,580 chance so I still have a lot of games left to play! Any readers out there that have?

Cribbage Board PatternsNone of these are highly collectible, but there are so many beautiful patterns and they’re such high quality compared to the boards of today. Not a one is warped, and they are all at least 40 years old. Take that board made in China!

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  1. Posted June 23, 2016 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    Nice boards – Collecting Cribbage boards can be a little addicting. I’m up to around 150 boards myself… many of the standards and a few really cool ones.

    I also have a Drueke 050 (the green one with chips), it is one of my favorite mid-century boards. In fact I have two of them one in green and one in bright yellow…. and the Drueke 2050, which is the same pattern, but without the compartment for cards and chips. – Good to find another enthusiast!

    • Angela
      Posted August 24, 2016 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

      Hi Bob! My goodness it’s easy to amass a good collection, isn’t it?! They’re so wonderful. I’m pretty fond of all the hand-made ones as well. Thanks for sharing and commenting! 🙂

  2. Timothy Whelan
    Posted June 18, 2018 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    The Drueke 050 is my favorite cribbage board. The chips are not for cribbage — they are for card games like poker. The dice are for a game named ‘Qualify Dice’, whose rules are included, separate from the cribbage rules. Besides being able to store all necessary gear inside the board, I like it because it has four columns instead of the usual three, so a player has a better idea of what street they are on. Also, ‘corners’ are marked, for player who wish to make additional scoring based on reaching corners first.

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