Private Stash: Westinghouse Clock Radio

Our family is awesome. My son and I went up to see my husband’s grandparents yesterday, and we had a great time riding tractors, playing dice games, and just spending time with each other. Today we brought lunch to Grandpa at the grain elevator and watched semis being filled with 80,000 pounds of corn. So exciting for a two year old. Anyway, on our way out I noticed a little radio, and Grandpa said he found it in an upstairs room and thought of me when he saw it. It’s so. darn. cute. The radio and our grandpa.

Westinghouse Clock RadioFrom what I can find, this Westinghouse Clock Radio is model H-583T5 (coral) and is from 1958. It’s in great, adorable condition.

Westinghouse Clock Radio SideI love the design details that went in to this clock. The grill-like lines are continued from the top on to the side.

Westinghouse Clock Radio FaceHere’s a closeup of the clock face. Check out those numbers. So funky and fun. Sadly, I haven’t gotten the radio to work, but the clock does. I’m not too worried, the clock will look amazing displayed. How sweet was Grandpa when he remembered I love retro things?

Midcentury House

And as I was driving through their small country town, I finally stopped to take a picture of this house that has always been my favorite. Can you believe it’s sitting empty right now? If only I could transport it directly to where I live. This picture doesn’t do it justice as the day was overcast, and I feel like a total creep slowly driving by and taking pictures. Maybe next time I’ll get out and peek in.




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