Review: Armstrong Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring

It’s all fun and games until your sweet little baby who will never grow up starts making the motions to crawl. Then it’s time to actually install a kitchen floor. We’ve been living with a sub-floor for over a year and had purchased the vinyl composite tiles (VCT) for almost that long. This weekend I took the kids to save them from the adhesive off-gassing and my husband tackled the floor.

Here is the flooring we chose after much debating...In October. Of 2013! Reader Carol suggested taking a peek at Armstrong’s line, and while I had looked there before this pattern caught my eye.

VCT Detail

While I do want to show an overall before and after, the condition of the walls, torn wallpaper, nasty ceiling fan makes an “after” shot really underwhelming. It barely looks any different! But here are a few closeups.

VCT Closeup VCT Closeup

As you can see from the first shot, the original vinyl flooring went up the sides of the walls about 6″. We’re debating whether to do the same or to patch all of it and just leave a smooth wall. What do you think?

For the installation it was pretty easy and straightforward. We prepped the subfloors by cleaning them off, leveling the high spots and marking where the first tile should go. My husband used the Family Handyman’s article here for some good tips. After the prep work, the adhesive was spread out and left to dry. While typically this should take half an hour, since it is so cold and drafty in our house it took more like two hours. Bummer.

The tiles themselves were easy to cut and easy to install. We did run in to weird black greasy spots being on some of the tiles which was super bizarre and kind of a pain to clean up. It took my husband a solid two and a half days to install and us an evening to clean and polish. But for the price and vintage look of our new flooring we are definitely pleased with the results!

Next up is taking down the wallpaper, 90s curtains and weird moldings that happen throughout the room. Stay tuned, we’re going to get moving on this project!

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