Saint Nicholas Advent Calendar

I didn’t find much over break, but I did find an advent calendar to add to my collection.

Santa Advent Calendar

I hardly ever see old paper advent calendars. This Santa shaped calendar pops out so it can be free-standing. It easily collapses back down to store it. I was so exited when I found it that I didn’t take a close enough look at it to notice the tape over Santa’s face. Why would they tape the front of his face when it would have been just as easy to tape the back which is hidden?! Sorry, I had to vent a bit.

Santa Advent Calendar

The back of Santa also has fun details so it could be set out on a table and enjoyed from every direction.

Santa Advent Calendar

I was unable to find out much about it. I do know it was made in Sweden by Erik Olsson & Co. The advent calendars I remember as a child always have a piece of candy under each window, but I really prefer these cute little Nordic gnomes that this calendar surprises you with each day.

This elf is playing a banjo.

This gnome is playing a banjo.

An elf transporting packages.

A gnome transporting packages.

santa advent 5My favorite window is the one that surprises you with the Swedish woven heart. Does anyone else remember making these hearts as a child?


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