Saturday Scarves

Tammy and I had an…interesting thrifting weekend. We started out at 8:30 am, a bit late for the both of us, and nothing was going on so we decided to hit thrift stores. And did we hit them all. Goodwill, Salvation Army, Goodwill Outlet Store, and three local flea markets. We had fun, but we have little to show for our shopping. Everything is so picked over this time of year.

But here’s what I did find. Four beautiful vintage scarves for $0.99 each, and two of them designed by Vera Neumann!

Scarves: Roma Floral

I proudly wore this scarf today! The black is so unexpected.

Scarves: Roma Dots

If you’re not familiar with Vera Neumann and want to start collecting vintage scarves, start with her designs and check out our Pinterest board here to get familiar. They are so colorful, fun, vibrant, and fairly easy to come by. You’ll soon amass a great collection. Vera Neumann started producing scarves after World War II and continued up until the 1980s. She was the first to have her signature on a scarf, a simple “Vera.” This later included a lady bug and increased in sizes as the years went on. She also created fabrics, posters, and a whole lifestyle brand.

Scarves: Vera Floral

Judging from the size of her signature, this scarf is from the 1970s.

Scarves: Vera Geometric

Vera geometric scarf from the 1980s.

What I love most about them is they all seem to coordinate together. That red-orange really pops, and thank goodness or else I would have never seen them under the pile of clothes. Lucky me or they would probably have been snapped up.

Scarves: All coordinate

Oh I totally put a bird on that.

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  1. Katie
    Posted January 24, 2013 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    The 3rd scarf (with the leafy pattern) is sooo pretty! I love it! As you could probably guess, I also love that chubby bird. It looks very natural on the pile of scarves.

    • Angela
      Posted January 27, 2013 at 10:27 pm | Permalink

      Thanks! The colors are just so vibrant. That bird needed to be there!

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