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Recently I invited the Snag team and a couple friends for an informal get together at my house. Since we’re all good friends and were just going to play a game or two, the thought of throwing a bag of chips and a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper on the table crossed my mind. But then, I thought, why am I filling my cabinets with great vintage serving pieces and not using them? And with that, I set about turning my kitchen table into a small snack buffet with some vintage panache. I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite buffet pieces.

First up is this amazing sterling silver banded punch set. Snagged for just $5, this set is likely by recently rediscovered designer Dorothy Thorpe, although the flood of misinformation makes it hard to know for sure. Either way, it’s awesome. The deep bowl sits into a chrome serving tray that holds 12 roly-poly glasses. A classy punch bowl is rarely seen outside of holiday parties these days, but they’re a great way to add a little flair to any affair.

Dorothy Thorpe (or Thorpe-esque) silver band punch set

Punch is always a big hit, but don’t forget guests who might like another beverage choice. These Libbey highball glasses once came for free as a premium in laundry and dish soap packages. Today, they’re classy for a cocktail or just a glass of water. This Swedish designed teak ice bucket keeps ice cold and guests happy for a surprisingly long time.

Libbey glasses and Swedish ice bucket

No party is complete without chips and dip or cheese and crackers. This vintage Dansk dip set,  found at Salvation army for $2, takes it to the next level. The teak tray has a center compartment with a glass dish for dips. Great for traveling, the glass cover keeps everything fresh and then converts to a pedestal base.

Dansk chip and dip with glass cover

The cover doubles as a base

Paper plates are easy, but real plates just feel better in hand. If you’re just serving snacks, set out smaller plates like these Franciscan Madeira luncheon plates. They’re perfect for a range of foods—plus they can’t soak through and collapse on your carpet. Cereal bowls and saucers are also great for setting out nuts, mints and candy.

Luncheon and dessert plates are perfect for snacks

So next time you have your friends over for a movie, put away the Chinet and red party cups and break out the good stuff. It will make your popcorn taste a little bit fancier.


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