Serve the Turkey

It took me quite a bit of time to come up with a Thanksgiving-themed post. I’m not too much for holiday decorations (ok, boo all you want!), but I do have one piece in particular that is spectacular for turkey day.

J & G Meakin Worcester Platter

Yes, those are 12″ tiles behind an almost 2′ serving platter. Picked up at an enormous sale of my favorite shop owner, it cost only a few dollars. Immediately the geometric pattern pulled me in. Here’s a closer shot of the detail.

J & G Meakin Worcester Detail

J & G Meakin Backstamp

The backstamp tells the maker: J. & G. Meakin. The Meakin brothers produced domestic wares in England that were then shipped to the United States. After searching for the maker, I found a site that has every pattern catalogued with an image and description. I searched for “yellow” and “gold” and, wouldn’t you know it, my pattern was 661 out of 666. Creepy. It’s a pattern called “Worcester.” It’s from 1912. How this serving platter is in amazing condition is beyond me. Searching for these very specific details took a good half an hour, but now I know there are other pieces out there, including a cute gravy boat…Time to start looking!

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