Set the Table, Please

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start pulling together plans for feasts with family and friends. Special meals call for special dinnerware and it’s the perfect time to make use of those vintage dishes you’ve been hoarding in the cupboards. With one of the biggest meal-centric holidays in clear view, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite patterns from my arsenal of vintage casual dinnerware to get everyone in the mood.

Redwing “Pépe”

Redwing “Magnolia”

Noritake Folkstone “Safari”

Noritake Stoneware “Pueblo”

Noritake Folkstone “Inca”

Mikasa Majorca “Terrazo”

Mikasa Majorca “Lodi”

Plate designed by Gordon Martz for Marshall Studios Pottery

Franciscan “Trio”

Franciscan “Madeira”

Canonsburg Pottery “Temporama”

Remember, vintage dishes never go in the dishwasher—even if they say “dishwasher safe.” Dishwashers will etch and dull all ceramics over time and a harsh, bleach-filled environment is no place for something you love. And if after your holiday feast you find silver utensil marks have made their way onto your beloved plates, stay calm. A quick buff with liquid metal polish takes it right off. Good as new and ready for next year.

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    Wow these are wonderful plates. I love they contemporary designs. I am one of the people who is crazy with

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