Skyriter Smith-Corona


Can you guess what’s in the metal box?

A few weeks ago Angela and I drove around a small town having its citywide garage sales. It was our first time in this particular town so our adrenaline was flowing. At one of the last sales we hit I spied this small typewriter with original case. Luckily we made a second pass around the sale or we would have missed out on this adorable Skyriter Smith-Corona typewriter for $2.00. Even though it was filthy I was bringing it home.

So remember this garage sale tip: Always make a few passes through a sale. If it is a decent sale, there is probably something you passed by and didn’t notice. I will put money on this!



Last night I began cleaning the grime off. I used just a drop of dish soap in a bowl of water. I only lightly dampened my towel and began scrubbing. It didn’t take long for me to start getting excited with it’s outcome!


The keys are in great condition under the years of whatever this white stuff is.

And finally the finished product!


In my research online I have found that this Smith-Corona Skyriter was produced in 1950. It seems that it may have been designed for easy travel for passengers taking planes. It has a smaller size, shape and case to easily fit under seats during the flight. I noticed right away when I picked it up at the sale how portable it was. I found this information along with great images of Smith-Corona and other brands of antique and vintage typewriters here.

Now the fun is going to start, because I have to start cleaning the inside. I can already tell this is going to be time consuming, but this great little typewriter is worth the work!

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