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You may have noticed the radio silence on our blog last week. Unfortunately it was the result of a thrifting dry spell we’ve fallen into. The schizophrenic late winter weather we’ve experienced lately has put a damper on not only thrifting and tag sales but also our abilities to complete any projects to show you. Sigh. You’ll have to settle for this one measly find—and technically Tammy is the one who found it so I can’t even take credit for that.


Dansk Kobenstyle cookware always makes me happy and I rarely say no to a piece. When Tammy texted me a picture of this bright yellow casserole, I predictably didn’t say no.


Kobenstyle was designed in 1956 by Dansk resident designer Jens H. Quistgaard and was an immediate success with the original production run lasting 30 years.


Elegant and sleek, the enameled steel cookware is defined by its signature delicately welded handles and curvaceous silhouette. The handle of the lid is designed to allow it to be used as a trivet beneath the casserole when serving.


Kobenstyle was discontinued completely in 1985. The black bottom and “France” stamp would indicate that this piece is from a fairly late production year as opposed to earlier years which had colored bottoms and may have had a “Denmark” stamp (first year of production). You can read more about dating Kobenstyle in this post.


So, that’s my puny haul, lovely as it is. I hope some of you have been finding some great stuff in this winter lull. If so, please share! We love to see what our readers are hauling home.

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    How do we share pictures with you?

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