Small Box, Big Surprise!

Hi! I’m very happy to be back to sharing our finds and projects with you. Today, I’m sharing a find from over a month ago. It was at a Saturday morning church sale and people where already shopping when I arrived. This box was piled on a table with tons of old and new ornament boxes. It just goes to show that most people don’t open boxes like they should. I love smalls and this sale was loaded with such finds. My best snag was within this one simple old brown box which I’m so excited to share. I’m happy I took a quick second and peeked under the lid!


It’s not a big box, about the size of an ornament box that would probably hold twelve medium sized Christmas ornaments, but it was just packed with tiny treasures.


How this much Christmas goodness could be crammed into one box surprises me and it’s all super fragile. I tried to get it all back in the box for the picture above. It was not easy, I ended up carefully stacking things and was unable to put the lid back on. I have no clue how or even wanted to try to get it all in and close the lid! No way! It will be packed away with much better care after Christmas. Although a few pieces might have a permanent display spot in my bookcase. Now for what I found inside…

I’ll start with the pretty but not so exciting finds. This handful of small glass ornaments and a Shiny Brite box.

20151201_194741_resizedA cute reindeer card that doubles as an ornament to hang on your tree and 8 plastic red bells.


Now for the amazingly fun finds from the box. Three adorable paper mache mica bird ornaments.


Circa 1950’s mica birds.

My excitement grew when I pulled out not 1 but 4 charming chenille skiers! They each have a paper label on the bottoms of the skis reading, “Made in Occupied Japan,” dating them from the mid-40s to the early 50s. After I had them all on display in my hutch I checked the box for more of the ski poles and was able to find a few more at the bottom of the box.




I think this one is my favorite even if she is missing her ski poles.


The paper labels under the skis reads, “Made in Occupied Japan”.

Lastly is this white papier-maché sleigh and spun cotton skier which dates to the 1930s! Love!


20151201_195554_resizedI was not disappointed with my old brown box with its price tag of only $1.00. For a girl that loves vintage holiday this was certainly one of my favorite and oldest Christmas finds to date!


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