Small Valentine Finds

What better find to start off the month of February than a pair of Victorian Valentines greeting cards. I stopped by a consignment shop and found some old Valentine’s greetings waiting for me to sort through. The majority of them were postcards, but I picked out my two favorites. I liked them because of their tiered, 3-D, pop-up style.

I was very surprised when I got home and discovered they were a pair. Without the second card I would have never known what was behind the wooden door with the heart shaped window. They are really in wonderful condition and are very easy to display. Just open them up and set them down; each is free-standing.

photo 2 (45)


photo 1 (45)


Austin did a post on Victorian Valentines here. He did a great job of showing examples of how some die cuts will match up like this while the rest of the card can be really different.

Here is a picture of their paper mechanical design. Could you believe they still unfold after all of these years?

photo 2 (47)

photo 1 (46)

Both are marked “Germany”.

photo 3 (17)

I like all the tiny details. If you peek though the slits in the fence you can see the cupids bare toes.

photo 2 (44)

Check out her pretty fairy like wings. I love it.

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