Snag Christmas Party: Part I

The Snag Team had our Christmas party the last weekend in January. Austin hosted the party since his home was still a vintage holiday wonderland. Today I’m sharing the fun gifts I received.

First up are these thermoses to add to my growing collection. I’d say I have 20 plus of these metal thermoses. The fun blue is Thermos brand and the plaid red is by Aladdin.

I’m always on the hunt for a fun vintage thermos and I received two.

Austin knew I had an old motor to some Tinker Toys and found me an old container full of them. Now to figure out how my old motor runs.

I love the graphics on the container.

Straight off my New Years finds list, Angela somehow found me a vintage Christmas color wheel. She has some wonderful connections! If only I could keep my aluminum tree up year round.

1950s-1960s Color Wheel

Ferry Color Wheel

Knowing I love old books, Angela found me The Rainbow Dictionary that was first published in 1947. This book is not dated and I was unable to find this cover online. I’m guessing it is an early addition. The images inside are bright and wonderfully illustrated by Joseph Low.

The Rainbow Dictionary by Wendell W. Wright

I love the splattered blue paint on the sides of the pages.

This book is going to be so fun to read to my boys.

I also received this 1970s Makit & Bakit train sun-catchers craft set from Austin. My son was so excited when he saw it. I may have some after shots this to post soon. Here is my previous post about Makit & Bakit.

Makit & Bakit

A big thank you to Angela and Austin. I also received a few other gifts like a Christmas wreath with an elf and lots of candy. Angela and Austin will be sharing their gifts in their upcoming posts. I hope they were as excited about their gifts as I am with mine. Now I need to start hunting for their gifts for next year.


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