Snag Christmas Party: Part II

Tammy and Austin can walk into any flea market or tag sale and know what I’d be drawn to. We’ve been thrifting together for so long that I think we could almost split up into three different locations and find many of the things we would each buy. Therefore I’m not surprised that everything unwrapped at our Snag Christmas party was something I loved.

Dominion Curlers

Tammy knew I wanted curlers, but I had just referenced curlers in a very vague manner. What she found was this unused set of aqua blue curlers still in the box! It’s so adorable I can leave it sitting out in our bathroom. So stinking cute. Check that off my wish list!


This teapot has such an interesting shape and glaze. It matches a dish I bought who knows how many years ago. Austin noticed the dish on my living room dresser one day and remembered he had just purchased a teapot with the same design. They’re now reunited.

Small Microscope

Tammy also found a small microscope, and I think almost our favorite part is the typography on the box. I’ll have to display them both!

The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree by Sanna Annukka.

Austin also read my mind and got me The Fir Tree illustrated by Sanna Annukka. I literally had this on my Amazon wish list unbeknownst to him. We’re both mildly obsessed.

The Fir Tree Illustrations

Illustrations from

While this isn’t technically vintage, the illustrations inside draw heavily on vintage style. Just for fun I’ve started a pinboard for Sanna Annukka, so check it out here.

Gnomes and Card

And finally what Snag Christmas wouldn’t be complete without gnomes from Tammy. She also found this vintage card at a local flea market. Isn’t it darling? And that’s not something I say too often. I’m going to be looking for some square frames so I can display this because even my little guy was oohing and aahing. Thanks Snag team!

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