Snag Christmas Party: Part III

Sometimes my lackadaisical approach to taking down the holiday decorations pays off—like in the rare instance I should have to host a holiday party a full month after Christmas. While I could lean into that excuse and claim it was my plan all along, the reality is that Valentine’s Day is next week and over half of my Christmas decorations—including the full tree—are still up. Nevertheless, my living room did provide the perfect backdrop for our very first and very tardy Snag Christmas party.

I might go a little overboard at Christmas. Even the light fixture has wreaths on it.

There’s no better gift than unwrapping something you got all excited about but decided not to buy and forgot about. Angela didn’t forget about it though and went back to the flea market where we had stumbled across an amazing cache of vintage and vintage inspired glazed tiles months earlier. Although I hadn’t specifically picked any out, she chose well with this matte glazed art deco winged bull tile. That’s right, winged bull. Awesome. A copyright mark on the back suggests that it may not be vintage but it could be a casting from a period tile. Either way it looks amazing in its new home in my guest bathroom.

Carrying on the barnyard theme, Angela also knew I’d love this 1970s velour goat the minute she saw it. What can I say? I’ve had a thing for stuffed animals since I was a tot and this little guy makes me smile. He’s a nice addition to my herd of vintage plush animals.

Tammy also got in on the animal theme with this tiny felt mouse Christmas ornament. He’s only a couple inches tall but he’s all hand sewn and decorated. It’s so over the top cute and his pipe cleaner tail seals the deal.

But this gift from Tammy made me glad I hadn’t taken down my decorations just yet. Tammy was with me when I spied this 1930s vacuum cleaner box in an antique store, but became distracted by another similarly sized box and eventually gave both the “I might come back later” treatment. She took advantage of the fact that I rarely come back for things in a timely fashion and snagged this for me. You might wonder why someone would want an old cardboard box. I need it to store Christmas decorations, namely all of my loose glass ornaments and beads which have no boxes. Sometimes nothing works better for storage than a corrugated box—and if you have to use one, it might as well be vintage.

I love the graphics on the inside and outside of the box. I also like the fact that the box is very sturdy, in great condition and even has a little metal clasp to close it. There are times when I find things like this in attics or closets at tag sales and think they are cool but pass them over because they seem useless. This idea might change all that. I guess it just goes to show that no matter how old I get, I’ll still love playing with the box more than whatever came in it.

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