Some Living Room Progress

For some reason this weekend I had slightly more energy than my usual six month pregnant self. And I must be nesting, because every room in our house makes me want to spend hours upon hours cleaning and searching for furniture. So my wonderful husband mentioned opening our moving box labeled “Forever Lights” so we could figure out the lighting situation.

All the lights survived except the one we were going to put in the living room. I feel almost sick that I put it in the very bottom of the box and even though it was transported in a car (apparently I wasn’t paranoid enough), the entire shade had shattered.

Living Room LightOk moving on. I’m alright. In that box were also some curtains I purchased from the same house I bought the light. They needed a thorough washing on the delicate cycle, but cleaned right up. Instead of 90’s mauve with a crazy lamp menagerie…

Living Room BeforeWe now have some airy sheers.

Living Room AfterThere’s still so much to do. Mainly figure out the curtain rods (a DIY post will be coming if I’m successful), one day move the piano to the other wall, etc. But how refreshing was it to look through our kitchen in on a slightly more modern space.

Speaking of the kitchen, we’ve picked our VCT tile.

VCTWe’re going with the sample on the left. I was originally thinking a more orange and gray version, but after evaluating the colors of our bathrooms and living with our house for a few months, I feel better with more cohesive colors. Now the “easy” part of ordering, installing, waxing…is it done yet?

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