Spreading Some Vintage

My step-dad often looks at my vintage finds with a “Really? What were you thinking?” expression on his face. I’m sure most of you have seen that look. And it’s because of that face that I was super shocked when he asked me last year to find him an old world map to hang on his office wall. I was able to find one when Angela, Austin and I hit the road last year while multiple cities were having citywide sales along a highway in northern Iowa. The sale where I found this map had a table full of old pull-down maps. They had all been saved out of a local school before it was demolished. I sorted the  maps and picked this one out  because of  its bright colors.




I was very nervous about the map’s imperfections. It has a sun-stained line from where the map wasn’t rolled all the way up and little flaws here and there—flaws that a normal vintage collector would say was part of its attracting features. I nervously surprised my step-dad with the map on his birthday and I’m guessing he likes it because it is up and hanging above his desk. Now when I visit I get to enjoy the fact that I was able to spread some vintage around.

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