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Before and After: Vintage Hat Box

I found an old hat box at a consignment store a few months ago. It had been marked down to only a few dollars, probably because of the rough condition it was in. I couldn’t resist trying to save the box from falling into more disrepair. So finally on Sunday, after weeks of it sitting […]

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Before and After: Painted Tin Thermometer

Over the holiday break, I took a $15 gamble on a vintage tin advertising thermometer. This is how I bought it. Why was it a gamble? That’s not dirt covering the graphics. Some helpful person in history decided to tape off the thermometer and spray paint everything else silver. After a few decades in the […]

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Early Presents (to Myself)

The holiday season is one where I often find myself needing little more justification than “it’s Christmas!” to  make a purchase. Normally I’d go through the whole rigmarole of  debating with myself over whether I really need something or where I’d even put it. But during the holidays it’s easy to just give in to the tinsel […]

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Weekend Finds: Space Junk

This weekend Tammy and I headed out to the only tag sale there was to be had. Frankly, we were excited because with the cold winter weather and the rapidly approaching holiday, we weren’t anticipating any sales at all until well into the new year. So we got there early and put our game faces […]

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Private Stash: Dekalb Spinner

As a collector from the Midwest, there are a few things that I get asked continually if I ever see when I’m out shopping. One of them is a vintage Dekalb metal sign with the flying ear of corn logo. Until a couple weeks ago my answer was always “no.” Well, at least not at […]

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