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Private Stash: Spyder 500

My parents are renovating their house and that means they’re clearing out things that have been stored there for awhile. Luckily for me that means adding something pretty wicked to my private stash. A Spyder 500 bicycle. My mom had this when she was a child in the 1960s. That daisy-covered bucket banana seat is […]

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Schwinn Twinn Tandem

This week I found a Schwinn Tandem bicycle for sale on Craigslist and forwarded the ad to my husband at work, asking if it could be our 10-year anniversary gift to each other. He quickly responded with, “Yes.” So after a quick test ride, we packed our new 1960s Schwinn Twinn Tandem bike into our […]

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1960’s Bicycle License Plates

Two weeks ago I was out hunting for sales and not finding any good ones. I walked up to a sale in an old single car garage and saw it was filled with kids clothes and toys. I sped up my pace to get in and out of it fast. My eyes just happened to fall […]

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Weekend Finds: The Host with the Most

Labor Day marks the official kick-off of the fall thrifting season—my favorite of the seasons. Although spring is a great time to find things as people open up garages and closets for the first time of the year, fall is that magical time when people are desperate to shed their excess before the snow flies. […]

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Weekend Finds: 1973 Schwinn Typhoon

This weekend I snagged this 1973 Schwinn Typhoon boy’s bike. I purchased it around noon on Saturday at our very last stop. I recall saying to my sister and dad as were pulling up to the sale, “This sale has got to be better than that last sale.” Boy was I right! Not only did […]

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