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Gift Guide: Richard Scarry

There is one author my son is obsessed with: Richard Scarry. As you know by now, I have a vintage book problem. They’re everywhere. When we took four boxes of outdated textbooks to Half Price Books, we came back with four books, one of which was by Richard Scarry. Why a gift guide? This dude was prolific. […]

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Private Stash: Vintage Snow Books

Today marks an important day (at least to a four year old) in Iowa: the first day it snows. My little guy woke up and exploded into our room so excited about snow. Usually I go all bah-hum-bug when it comes to snow, but his enthusiasm was infectious. We’ll see how that continues into February. […]

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Gift Guide: Vintage Birthday Books

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Are you finding exciting vintage finds? I am finally ready to return to the “real world.” Let me warn you though: about 25% of my brain cells have been deleted and 25% are unaccounted for. While I may be getting slightly more sleep, I still feel off-kilter and […]

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Weekend Finds: Rain Can’t Keep Us Down

Tammy and I set out on Saturday morning with our usual optimism, and we even thought since it was rainy it might deter other garage salers away. Little did we know the rain would deter the actual sales. Out of a list of about ten sales, only one was open. So at 9 we started […]

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The Semiannual Booksale

There’s one thing I attend every year without fail: an enormous biannual book sale. Never mind that I have hundreds of vintage books. This is the place where I’ve found the bulk of them and I always find at least one amazing book. The prices have been steadily climbing, but people must have complained because […]

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