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Weekend Finds: A Pair of Chairs

I was so happy to snag this set of vintage outdoor lawn chairs. I purchased them this past Saturday at a tag sale. I spied them through a garage window right before the sale started and was happy to see them still there when I made it through the door. Each chair had a $3 price tag dangling […]

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Private Stash: Cosco Booster Seat II

While Tammy’s Cosco booster seat was in pristine condition at a garage sale, I picked mine up at a flea market under slightly different circumstances. Yes, that’s bird poo all over it. But I was not dismayed by the filthy plastic and chrome legs, feces and torn vinyl. It was just so cute sitting in […]

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Lost & Found

We must all take a moment to mourn the loss of this beautiful dresser. You may remember my New Years’ Finds List. So close. When I went to Salvation Army on Wednesday I was so bummed at the giant SOLD sticker taunting me. I was only a few hours late in getting to this, and almost […]

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Before & After: The $0.25 Chair

Go ahead and read that title again. That’s right: a $0.25 chair at a garage sale. As we were carting it off to Tammy’s van I heard the seller tell her father, “Dad! Someone actually bought that chair for a quarter! I can’t believe it!” They thought this chair was so far gone I could […]

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Van-Buster Weekend Part I

Truth be told, I’m the volume buyer of the group. Always have been, probably always will be. Tammy is perhaps our most enthusiastic and Angela is often our cautious voice of reason. We balance each other well, and when you take one of us out of the mix, things get, shall we say, unbalanced. This past […]

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