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Mikasa Majorca Dinnerware

If you recall a few months back to my New Year’s Finds List post, you’ll remember that I wasn’t all that excited about making a list as I was afraid it might jinx my ability to find the things I wanted. Theory destroyed. So far this year I’ve found the coveted Drexel Declaration console stereo […]

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The Road Trip: Part II

As you may recall from Part I of this post, I had left a couple bids on some furniture at a tag sale over 100 miles away. The next day I awaited the phone call uncertain of whether I hoped to win the bid or not, lest I spend another day on the road for […]

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Weekend Finds: A Bang and a Fizzle

My shopping plans for this past weekend looked strong at the outset—freestyle garage saling, bookended with major events. Indeed it started with a bang as I took a half day from work to hit an early fundraiser sale on Thursday. Tammy had been hyping the sale since last year and I knew if I missed […]

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Cavalier Copper Mugs

Often I get requests from friends for things to keep an eye out for. These things are often too vague to pinpoint for another person—I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I ever see round tables—others are too specific to hope to ever find. This is what I thought when my […]

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A Weekend Without a Sale

It seems like these days a weekend with no tag sale is pretty rare. Recently, such a weekend passed and the Snag team, all busy with our individual plans, decided we’d take the weekend off from group thrifting. Honestly I wasn’t too disappointed. I had a laundry list of things to accomplish and a neglected […]

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