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A Find that Really Sucks

My love of mid-century design knows no bounds and it’s particularly unbridled when it comes to industrial design. Machines. Cars. Radios. Appliances. Oh those glorious metal beasts of yesteryear in gleaming candy coated colors. After decades of knowing appliances as unremarkable boxes (at their best) or totally undesigned assemblages of plastic parts (at their worst), it’s hard […]

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A Comment Snafu

Awhile back, we were getting tons of spam despite having a few spam filters set up in WordPress. So I, in my newborn foggy state, changed one of our comment settings to require logging in with a username and password when I adjusted a few other settings. Whoops! Thanks to a Snag commenter, we’ve been […]

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Weekend Finds: A Sonic Experience

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been super motivated for garage sales lately. Why? They haven’t been that great. As much as I love a good sale, hours of driving around and burning gas and finding nothing great is not ideal. But I set my pessimism aside this weekend for some citywide sales that […]

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RCA New Vista TV

I have Tammy to thank for my latest and greatest find. She happened to spot something in the “Free” section of Craigslist that she knew I’d probably love. An awesome vintage console TV! When she sent the link I didn’t figure I had a chance because the posting was over a week old. Much to […]

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Weekend Finds: Lamps, Frames and Everything I Don’t Need

It seems as though our eternal winter is beginning to lift here in Iowa and the garage sales are starting to pop up. Saturday I headed out at 7 a.m. to the one lone garage sale on my list. I was optimistic though, because it was a church sale and they’re among the best for, […]

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