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Private Stash: Vanity Fair Caricatures

I found these antique British Vanity Fair caricatures in a pile of amazing newspapers and prints at a tag sale last year. As I was trying to search through the large heavy pile of miscellaneous papers, I remember Austin telling me to just see what they would price the whole pile at. I did and […]

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Easter Bunny and Some Needed Candy Dishes

Just in time for all the Easter candy this weekend will bring, I found two green 1970s candy dishes. These along with my mother’s amber one will give me plenty of candy storage. I also found this cute $2.00 stand-up pressed cardboard Easter bunny display. He stands 17 inches tall. Hope everyone has a wonderful […]

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An Easter Egg Hunt Victory

Often the things I’m most excited to find are the things I wasn’t looking for at all. A few weeks ago while I was picking up a piece of furniture from a consignment shop, I took a moment to look around and spotted an Easter egg to end all Easter eggs. It may be hard […]

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Before and After: Vintage Hat Box

I found an old hat box at a consignment store a few months ago. It had been marked down to only a few dollars, probably because of the rough condition it was in. I couldn’t resist trying to save the box from falling into more disrepair. So finally on Sunday, after weeks of it sitting […]

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Private Stash: Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Make sure to check out Austin’s Valentine’s posts from earlier this week. He shared a collection of early 1900’s up through the 1940’s Valentine Cards. So today I’m sharing my collection of early 1950’s Valentines. I only have a small group of vintage cards and I picked all ten cards up at a […]

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