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Before and After: A Forever Chair

You may remember that some time ago I found the “perfect” chair for my living room. Though I had a plan for said chair, the reality of my plans is that they often go unrealized for years and years. I can say, for once, that I did not let that happen to this chair. It […]

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Before and After: The Home Office

You may remember way, way back in 2014 I shared a before post about my guest/bedroom home office. You can check out the original post here. At that time I had just bought an amazing desk and credenza that I had deemed worthy of sacrificing my guest bedroom for. That sacrifice has taken much longer to complete […]

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Going Glam with Milo Baughman

For years people have been asking me what the next big craze will be after mid-century modern. Although I truly believe that well designed modern classics will never go out of style regardless of era, I do think we’re going to see more and more people dabbling in the glamorous and sometimes extravagant modern design from the […]

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Before and After: A Forum in Hell

Whenever I tell people that I buy furniture from Craigslist often, they get kind of squirmy and ponder about the weird things I might encounter or the probability that it will end in some kind of shirtless, toothless Cops-style drama. It never has. Even the strangest places I’ve ever gone to buy something have turned out to be […]

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Weekend Finds: Invasion of the Pod Sofas

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to—aside from roving around in search of vintage greatness—I’ve been attempting to organize the vintage greatness I’ve already got. I’ve got a new larger storage area and I’ve finally installed some shelving to help wrangle the chairs that seem to be multiplying like rabbits. But even all […]

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