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Old Time Tricks and Pranks

I picked this group up at a church sale last week. They were all piled on top of each other in an old cardboard box with a rubber band wrapped around it. The sale was packed with shoppers so I didn’t take the time to look though the box and decided on just buying it because it was […]

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Private Stash: Fortune Telling Cards

Not going to lie, I’m a day behind. I thought I was going to post on Halloween and was thoroughly excited to share my one Halloween-themed snag. Someone mentioned when my son would go trick-or-treating and I swore it was a day later and why would he go the day before? Now you have to […]

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Collections: Password Board Game

We’ve unpacked hardly anything. I just can’t get into the spirit of it. We’re going to part with a lot of furniture and that leaves some things with no home to go to. One dilemma is what to do with the boxes and boxes of…board games. We are so hip you can find us playing […]

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A Vacation Garage Sale

My family had a great vacation, but we are happy to be home. I didn’t find much although I did hit a good number of thrift stores and antique shops. My only vintage finds were at a garage sale on our way back to the airport this past Saturday. The house was owned by an older […]

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Weekend Finds: Day Trip

Last Friday I took the day off to attend our second annual trip up north to a long highway sale. We did lots of laughing and had lots of sales to hit. I did find a few things worth sharing and a few others that are going to be Christmas gifts, so I have to […]

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