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1950’s Bingo Game

I was so happy to find this 1956 Family Bingo game. The sale I found this at had a color-coded pricing system and items with pink stickers were only $0.25. So I was excited to pick it up until I opened the box and found the pieces spread all about. I had to think fast. […]

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Weekend Finds: All Under $20

While sometimes you finish weekend garage sales with a nice little collection that seems to go together, there are other times when nothing fits together and you (and your neighbors) wonder how such a vintage menagerie ended up on your lawn. This weekend was the latter. But the one thing that does tie everything together […]

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Family Game Night

I couldn’t be happier that my boys are now old enough to play board games. With that said, what could be better than vintage ones? A few weeks ago I picked up this board game not knowing anything about it. I figured for $0.50 it was worth the risk. I will not lie, it is […]

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Private Stash: Chess Set

One day, Austin and I were in Salvation Army buying up ridiculous project pieces. On our way out, thanks to my Amazon-like stature, I spied this little box mixed amongst nonsense on top of a clothing rack. Then I looked inside, swiftly took it under my arm and practically ran from the store. Yes, it […]

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Private Stash: Antique Lotto Game

This past weekend Angela, Austin and I were unable to go treasure hunting on Saturday morning. That rarely happens. However, later that morning I did call Austin while at Salvation Army to come see a couch I had found. When I asked him where he was he replied, “On my way to Salvation Army.” Perfect! […]

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