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Private Stash: Arvin Space Heater

Let’s get a few business-related things out of the way. Today will be our last post until after the holidays. We will be shopping for more vintage goodies and coming up with creative posts to start the New Year. We’re working on a post about negotiating prices, and if you have anything you’d like us […]

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Small Size, Big Style

We all like to go out and find those big finds, but sometimes it seems that some of the biggest finds aren’t very big at all. Lately it seems that for all the square-footage eating things I drag home, it’s still often the little things that make me smile the most. Here’s a round-up of […]

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Private Stash: Flyswatters

I’m filling my life with vintage, right down to my fly swatters. I found these vintage fly swatters this week at a garage sale and they immediately became part of my private stash. I did find enough to share with Angela and Austin. At fifty cents for all four it was a silly but fun […]

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Always on the Hunt

Always on the hunt for what you ask? I never know, but I’m always looking. After an early morning of garages sales this past Saturday, not having much luck, we all headed home. Fortunately, I decided to go back out to pick up some lunch for the family. Along the way there happened to be […]

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