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How To Replace Elastic Seat Webbing

One of the mainstays of mid-century modern design is upholstered seating with an ultra thin profile, often offering only thin slab cushions resting on a minimal frame. To achieve this, bulky conventional spring cages and other foundational support materials were replaced with elastic rubber webbing. Made by Pirelli, these straps were essentially giant rubber bands with layers […]

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Before and After: Vintage Hat Box

I found an old hat box at a consignment store a few months ago. It had been marked down to only a few dollars, probably because of the rough condition it was in. I couldn’t resist trying to save the box from falling into more disrepair. So finally on Sunday, after weeks of it sitting […]

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How To Make Your Own Office Chair Mat

Eight years ago this month I moved into my new-construction home complete with wall-to-wall frieze carpeting. It hasn’t exactly been a love story, but I’ve made my peace with it and, with two fully carpeted staircases, I’m in no hurry to change any of it. But the thick carpet does have one sworn enemy: my […]

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15 Minute Makeover: A Cure for ULS (Ugly Laminate Syndrome)

It happens all the time. You spy a great piece of vintage furniture in the distance at a garage sale, perhaps that perfect long dresser or dining table you’ve been hunting for, and as you run toward it like a person possessed, you slowly realize that it is plagued with ULS—ugly laminate syndrome. Every part […]

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Industrial Office Chair Hack

While I love thrift stores for vintage finds, I also love them as sources for parts. Collecting vintage things often means having to find parts to repair them or create an adaptive reuse for them. As a thrifty person, I’m not one to run right to hardware store to see if I can find what […]

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