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Before and After: Painted Tin Thermometer

Over the holiday break, I took a $15 gamble on a vintage tin advertising thermometer. This is how I bought it. Why was it a gamble? That’s not dirt covering the graphics. Some helpful person in history decided to tape off the thermometer and spray paint everything else silver. After a few decades in the […]

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Before and After: Vintage Industrial Desk

The best part about spring is being able to get outside and work on projects. The weather is warming up and I can finally start unearthing my garage floor which has vanished beneath a mountain of vintage goods awaiting reconditioning. Recently I tackled my first official project of the year, a vintage industrial desk that […]

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Cavalier Copper Mugs

Often I get requests from friends for things to keep an eye out for. These things are often too vague to pinpoint for another person—I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I ever see round tables—others are too specific to hope to ever find. This is what I thought when my […]

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Before & After: A Cure for Dishwasher Dullness

This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble upon the last pieces I needed to complete my Franciscan Madeira dinnerware set—eight dessert plates! I found them at Goodwill for a mere $0.79 each. Of course, they were dirty, dingy and covered in marks from silverware, but I was not going to let this stand in […]

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How To Clean Your Antique Camera

Among the first things I ever started collecting as a child were antique cameras. My interest in other collections has waxed and waned over the years, but my collection of cameras has grown and grown. Although I collect cameras of nearly every age, my favorite cameras are consumer models with bellows made between the turn […]

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