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The Auction and the Blonde Boat Anchor

This weekend I found myself at an auction that promised some very interesting items from a defunct lodge of the Odd Fellows, a very old fraternal society with mysterious rituals. Since the group’s activities were secretive, their ceremonial items rarely become available to the public. Mixed in with the historical items was some general vintage […]

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To the Rescue

So, have you ever been in a situation where you just can’t leave something behind because you know what might become of it if you do? This was just the situation Angela and I ran into last fall at a flea market when we spotted these… We both may have let out a big gasp […]

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Industrial Revolution

Sometimes the mid-century modernist in me finds himself in a quarrel with the antiquarian in me. One appreciates clean lines with futuristic flair, the other is drawn to history—but both seem to be pacified when it comes to vintage industrial design. A clean, utilitarian look paired with a little rust and age appeals to both […]

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Private Stash: PA Microphone

I’ve had this little guy for years. My mom bought this vintage PA microphone for $1 at a public school auction held to clear out the ancient building where I attended 5th and 6th grade so it could be demolished. It’s always sad when an old building meets its end, but occasionally gems like this […]

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