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The Worldly Edward Wormley

This past Labor Day weekend I forwent the usual garage sales and thrifting for a visit to my hometown. While at my parents’ house, however, I did discover one of my mom’s most amazing recents finds. Not only is this one of the most amazing stand globes I’ve ever seen, but it also has pedigree, being […]

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Weekend Finds: A Good Old Fashioned Estate Sale

Lately I’ve been in less of a buying mood and more in a “get something—anything—done” mood. With years of refinishing projects queued up, my full attention hasn’t been on tag sales. When Tammy told me she had a hot lead on a sale and even sent me the posting, I perused the photos and dismissed […]

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…And Then it Started Raining Nelson Bubble Lamps

This weekend wasn’t such a bad weekend for finds. Not a bad one at all. Tammy dragged me out of my warm bed early Saturday morning to hit a nearby community sale. Although I had protested, her persistence paid off and I was glad she didn’t let me sleep in. What did I find to […]

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Weekend Finds: A Sonic Experience

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been super motivated for garage sales lately. Why? They haven’t been that great. As much as I love a good sale, hours of driving around and burning gas and finding nothing great is not ideal. But I set my pessimism aside this weekend for some citywide sales that […]

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Weekend Finds: Electric Logs, and Scavenger Hunts

Great finds have been few and far between this season, but this past weekend I hit a large fundraiser sale and several thrift stores and finally found a decent haul. Nothing too fantastic, mind you, but fun finds all the same. Perhaps the most fun of them all is this 1970s Arvin electric fireplace. This […]

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