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Weekend Finds: Smalls

This weekend was beautiful weather and I spent most of it indoors trying to retrofit my mom’s pinch-pleated drapes to a size that could be used in Oliver’s room. It was not short on drama, but I think at this point they’re almost ready to go up. Unfortunately, no thrifting was accomplished. These are all […]

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Weekend Finds: The Buying Trip

We’ve all been there. You find that great deal posted for sale. You get all excited. You read down a little more. You realize it’s a billion miles away. Thoughts of going on a wild road trip to get it cross your mind, but you eventually come to your senses and go on. This weekend […]

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Weekend Finds: A Day of Pairs

Sometimes it seems like I get things that go in sets: the same color, the same style, and this weekend it seemed like everything came in twos. First off, a pair of hats and a pair of ties. Granted, the ties were from our local Salvation Army and the hats from a church sale, but […]

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Toy Storage Wars

When I had my little guy over two years ago (eek!), I knew there would be toys in our future. There are toys all over our house. In the living room, kitchen, his room, our room, the office, the bathroom. Everywhere. And the thing that gets me are all the shiny bright colors that immediately […]

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Presents from the Past

Is it ever too young to get the kids involved in collecting? I think not. My oldest son started his robot collection at the age of three and WOW does he have a good eye for spotting them. Usually out of our price range, but it always makes me happy when he spots them. With […]

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