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Little Things

Although nothing beats those monumental finds, there’s something to be said for finding small objects that just make you really happy when you see them. Recently I stumbled onto a few things that do just that. What I love about mid-century modernism is the level of detail and craftsmanship that went into designing even the […]

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Weekend Finds: Odds, Ends and Bearded Gentlemen

This weekend the whole Snag team managed to get out in force together and it finally began to feel like garage sale season was in full swing. Although I didn’t find anything amazing, I did get lots of fun small things that I really love. These handsome gentlemen, some of my favorite finds from Friday, […]

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Weekend Finds: Home Decor

My weekend shopping actually started on Thursday morning. I found this cute painting which reveals on the back that it was done by a 14 year old in 1973. She was a great little painter. I also found this hobnail milk glass vase for $1.00. It’s 15 1/2 inches tall. The last thing in this picture […]

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Early Presents (to Myself)

The holiday season is one where I often find myself needing little more justification than “it’s Christmas!” to  make a purchase. Normally I’d go through the whole rigmarole of  debating with myself over whether I really need something or where I’d even put it. But during the holidays it’s easy to just give in to the tinsel […]

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The Royals of Radio

Recently I managed to score this sweet little Zenith Royal 700 transistor radio at a tag sale. I was happy to find it. Awhile back I had purchased another Zenith Royal and became so enamored with it on the shelf that I now want to own each one from the line. Zenith radios were the […]

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