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Private Stash: Westinghouse Clock Radio

Our family is awesome. My son and I went up to see my husband’s grandparents yesterday, and we had a great time riding tractors, playing dice games, and just spending time with each other. Today we brought lunch to Grandpa at the grain elevator and watched semis being filled with 80,000 pounds of corn. So […]

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Weekend Haul

This past weekend turned out to be great for whetting our chops for spring thrifting, when every weekend is an endless buffet of sales. We set out early with only one sale on our radar, but we ended up at three estate sales, multiple thrift stores and went home with a van load of goodies. […]

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If you guessed C…

Those who thrift with me often have been known to affectionately (and sometimes not so affectionately) say “stay in front of him.” With good reason: I leave little vintage goodness in my wake. It’s pretty easy to tell which pile was mine by volume alone. But, I earned it. I rode in the backseat for […]

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