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Weekend Finds: A Cavalcade of Chairs

Ok, “cavalcade” might be making a bit much out of this, but I really did end up with a lot of chairs this weekend. How many is a lot? I feel comfortable saying eight upholstered chairs and one ottoman is a lot. Since you know a lot of chairs are coming in this post, I’m […]

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Weekend Finds: Drexel, Vera—Jubilee!

I’ve been hungry for garage sale season for awhile and I’m happy to report that, for me anyway, it seems to be off to a great start. We’re not at the point where there’s hundreds of sales to choose from yet, but I managed to find some great stuff in the few there were. My […]

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Weekend Finds

Another weekend, another van-full of treasures for the Snag team. In typical fashion, the three of us headed out on the town very early Saturday morning with only one sale on our list—a tag sale. We love tag and estate sales for two reasons: volume and variety. When it comes to finding a range of […]

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If you guessed C…

Those who thrift with me often have been known to affectionately (and sometimes not so affectionately) say “stay in front of him.” With good reason: I leave little vintage goodness in my wake. It’s pretty easy to tell which pile was mine by volume alone. But, I earned it. I rode in the backseat for […]

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