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Weekend Finds: Puppy Love

The only sale I hit last weekend was a Saturday morning tag sale where I found this vintage Gund Creations plush stuffed dachshund. I’m guessing this scruffy puppy dates from the late 1940’s. My other find was from a trip to Goodwill. I usually walk out of Goodwill empty handed but last week I was […]

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As Good As Christmas Morning

Last Thursday afternoon I stopped by a sale that advertised vintage toys. I was so happy with my haul. A very friendly couple hosted the sale and it was fun visiting with them. They showed lots of enthusiasm about their items they were selling making the sale super fun. I love to learn the history […]

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Instant Collections

I ventured out last Saturday morning solo and found a few fun things. Three of my finds could be considered new collections, like these old tobacco tins. As I was looking though a box of tobacco tins in the driveway at the sale, the lady having the sale asked me if I collected tobacco tins […]

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One Sale Weekend

Last week my sister, mom and I were busy setting up for our garage sale which mostly consisted of kids stuff and non-vintage items. It was nice to get rid of so much and it was perfect weather with temps in the low 80s. Although it was a crazy weekend, I did sneak one Thursday […]

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Weekend Finds: A Good Old Fashioned Estate Sale

Lately I’ve been in less of a buying mood and more in a “get something—anything—done” mood. With years of refinishing projects queued up, my full attention hasn’t been on tag sales. When Tammy told me she had a hot lead on a sale and even sent me the posting, I perused the photos and dismissed […]

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